A working family farm in North Yorkshire

Situated at Flixton, just south of Scarborough in the stunning North Yorkshire countryside, Southfield Farm is a working family farm.

We established the farm to satisfy a long-held passion for agriculture and today our 650 acres is split into both arable and pasture. Currently we farm 200 acres of arable, growing a range of crops alongside 50 acres of grassland which supports a 50 strong herd of beef cattle.

Operating a working farm gives us extensive hands on experience and a unique insight into what makes a good piece of farming machinery. We know first hand just how important it is for every piece of agricultural machinery to be reliable and dependable and to perform as it should when you need it most.

As agricultural machinery & plant and machinery traders this working knowledge is invaluable and helps to inform our business practices. It's why we carefully check, inspect and test every machine we sell or hire out to ensure that it meets our exacting standards, is in good order and is ready to be put to work.

Wherever possible, we take the opportunity to test out the machinery we stock on our farm. This field-testing process helps us identify and fix any niggles before they go on sale, so you can be confident you're getting a quality product.

For further information on Southfield Farm please call 01723 891487, or email .